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Topic: Diabetes: Type I



Researchers Dig for Cause of Dog Diabetes
Disease looks similar to type 1 in humans, but with important differences



Artificial Pancreas Works Well in Home Trial
Study found improved diabetes management in a real-world setting



Pesticide Exposure Tied to Diabetes Risk
Review finds these chemicals may boost odds of blood sugar disease by about 60 percent



Diabetes Takes a Toll on Women's Hearts
Studies find up to a 40 percent greater risk of coronary problems in females



Can Eye Screening for Diabetic Kids Be Delayed a Bit?
Yearly exams for most with type 1 disease can wait until 5 years after diagnosis or age 15, whichever is later, researchers suggest



Insulin Pumps Nearly Halve Risk of Heart Disease Death for Type 1 Diabetics
Better blood sugar control, greater education may help explain results, researchers say



Parents of Kids With Diabetes Need to Plan for School Days
Only 30 states have laws ensuring children access to proper care



Psoriasis Drug May Help Preserve Pancreas Cells in Type 1 Diabetes
Used early after diagnosis, drug appears to have long-lasting effects, study reports



Type 1 Diabetes Linked to Higher Risk of Dementia
Study found people with blood sugar disorder were about 80 percent more likely to have memory troubles



Celiac Disease in Family May Up Your Risk for Related Disorders
Close relatives, including spouses, had higher odds for type 1 diabetes, lupus, sarcoidosis, study finds



Uncontrolled Diabetes May Boost Dementia Risk
Older patients with more disease complications have greater mental decline, Taiwan study says



Cost a Barrier to Healthier Diets for Diabetic Kids, Study Shows
Why many parents of children with type 1 diabetes struggle to provide better food choices



New Trial Tests Whether TB Shot Fights Type 1 Diabetes
Researchers will look at effects in people with longstanding disease



FDA Issues Warning for Type 2 Diabetes Drugs
SGLT2 inhibitors linked to potentially fatal condition called ketoacidosis



Immune System Genes May Change With the Seasons: Study
Altered activity could explain why some diseases are worse in some months than others, researchers say



Better Diabetes Blood Sugar Management Leads to Fewer Eye Surgeries
Intensive therapy cut risk of needing a procedure in half, researchers report



Could High-Dose Insulin Prevent Type 1 Diabetes in High-Risk Kids?
Study found daily capsules of the natural hormone triggered protective immune response



Kids With Type 1 Diabetes Face Much Higher Hospitalization Rates
British study finds fivefold jump in admissions, especially for the youngest, poorest patients



Diabetes Groups Call for Greater Scrutiny of Insulin Pumps
American and European associations want more standardization of new technologies



Could the Future Be Finger-Stick Free for Diabetics?
New devices make monitoring blood sugar easier, but needle not eliminated yet



Get Checked for Diabetes While Getting Your Teeth Cleaned?
Study found testing blood from mouth was as accurate as finger prick at diagnosing condition



Minority Kids Less Likely to Get Latest Type 1 Diabetes Care, Study Finds
Experts aren't sure what's causing differences in insulin pump use, blood sugar levels



Type 1 Diabetes More Deadly for Women Than Men, Study Finds
Experts aren't sure why, but say better treatment and support needed for both sexes



Change in Gut Bacteria May Precede Type 1 Diabetes in Kids
Small study offers hope for a diagnostic test some day, researchers say



Are Seniors With Diabetes Overtreated?
Very tight blood sugar control can pose problems without benefits, study says



Type 1 Diabetes Linked to Lower Life Expectancy in Study
But, second study suggests that intensive blood sugar management can make a difference



1 in 3 People With Type 1 Diabetes Still Produce Insulin, Study Says
More likely for patients diagnosed as adults



Poverty Makes Diabetes Care Tougher, Study Reports
Too little money for food, housing and medicine affects disease management



Diabetes May Affect Kids' Brain Growth, Study Reports
But there was no effect on thinking and memory skills, researchers say



Nearly All Diabetics Should Be on Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs: Experts
New guidelines from the American Diabetes Association recommend greater statin use



Holiday Overindulgence Risky for People With Type 2 Diabetes
Carbohydrate-heavy meals can send blood sugar levels soaring, expert warns



Cost of Diabetes Care Keeps Climbing, Report Shows
Increases also seen for prediabetes, undiagnosed diabetes care



Type 1 Diabetes Lowered Survival in Study
Better blood sugar management helped, but risk during 14-year period was still doubled



Colleges Could Do More for Students With Chronic Ills, Study Finds
Only half of campus clinics felt they could handle diabetes care, and many don't identify students with needs



Type 1 Diabetes Increasing Among White American Kids
Children 5 to 9 years old hardest hit, study finds



Stem Cell Success Raises Hopes of Type 1 Diabetes Cure
In laboratory, researchers have developed insulin-producing beta cells



Study Compares Insulin Regimens for Type 1 Diabetes
Long-acting versions may beat intermediate-acting forms of the medicine for safety, effectiveness



New Test Helps Diagnose Type 1 Diabetes
But negative result doesn't rule out disease, FDA warns



40 Percent of Americans Will Develop Diabetes, CDC Projects
Rates for black women and Hispanics even higher at 50 percent



Saliva Test Might Someday Replace Needle Prick for Diabetics
But device is still a long way from use by people



FDA Approves Inhaled Diabetes Medication
Afrezza is taken at mealtimes, along with long-acting insulin or standard diabetes pills



Shortage of Doctors Who Treat Diabetes Looming
There are already too few specialists treating hormone disorders, expert says



Scientists Reverse Type 1 Diabetes in Mice
Finding might lead one day to new ways to treat humans with blood sugar disease, researchers say



'Bionic Pancreas' Improves Blood Sugar Control for People With Type 1 Diabetes
Device removes guesswork from insulin therapy, reduces low blood sugar episodes, study finds



Diabetes Distress Is Distinct From Depression, Researchers Say
New studies look at the emotional fallout from type 1 and type 2 disease



Experts Revise Optimum Blood Sugar Level for Kids With Type 1 Diabetes
Targeted levels are made lower, but young patients need individualized care, ADA guideline says



Gut Bacteria in Young Diabetic Kids Show Differences
Findings suggest diet might someday play preventive role, researchers say



Brain Changes May Accompany Type 1 Diabetes Diagnosis in Kids
Complication called ketoacidosis can affect memory, thinking for six months, reports study



Kids' Diabetes Rates Up Dramatically in 8 Years, Study Finds
Increase in type 1 diabetes especially baffling to experts



Diabetes Complication Rates Drop Among U.S. Adults
But at the same time, rates of diabetes have more than tripled, researchers report



Nearly 10 Percent of U.S. Adults Now Have Diabetes: Study
Researchers found a nationwide rise of the disease since late 1980s, and a parallel rise in obesity



Diabetes Tied to Higher Risk of Pancreatic Cancer in Study
But it's not always clear which disease comes first, researchers say



Elderly Diabetes Patients on Insulin Most Vulnerable to Low-Blood-Sugar Trouble
Study found they were more than twice as likely to end up in ER, five times more likely to be hospitalized



Are All Home-Based Blood Sugar Tests Equal?
FDA takes steps to eliminate potential risks for people with diabetes



Some Helpful Hints When Monitoring Blood Sugar
For starters, wash your hands before you test, experts say



Diabetes Boosts Stroke Risk for Women, But Not Men: Study
Research finds big gender gap, which one doctor believes is tied to better treatment for men



Experimental 'Implanted Insulin' Device Seeks to Control Blood Sugar Levels
The hope: to eliminate daily injections for those with diabetes, but much testing remains to be done



Scientists Generate Insulin-Producing Cells in Diabetic Mice
If early results translate to humans, need for daily injections might be eliminated in future, researchers say



Smartphone Apps for Diabetes: Do They Really Work?
You can use them to count carbs, log blood sugar, but users say they're no substitute for patient knowledge and a doctor's care



Adults With Diabetes Need a Flu Shot: Experts
Large Canadian study finds people with diabetes are more likely to get sick from flu, be hospitalized



Conventional Versus Intensive T1DM Tx Not Tied to Menopause
Lower risk of natural menopause with increasing insulin dose; BMI tied to risk of surgical menopause



Keep the Holidays Merry for Kids With Diabetes
Parents should monitor their child's blood sugar more often, but don't be too restrictive, expert says



Fat, Protein Impact Postprandial Glucose Excursion in T1DM
Protein/fat with carbs delays postprandial hyperglycemia; high protein reduces hypoglycemia



Increased Mortality, Morbidity With Young-Onset T2DM
Increased hazard for death; more cardiovascular deaths compared to T1DM with similar age of onset



Water pH Impacts Gut Microflora in Non-Obese Diabetic Mice
Female NOD mice receiving acidic pH water develop insulitis and hyperglycemia rapidly



Testing for Pregnancy-Linked Diabetes Should Be Routine, Experts Say
New guidelines from the Endocrine Society aim to detect cases early, get treatment started



Needle-Free 'Breathalyzer' for Daily Diabetes Testing Shows Promise
But first, device must undergo clinical studies



Urine Test May Spot Heart, Kidney Risk in Kids With Type 1 Diabetes
Screening could help identify those who would benefit from early treatment, researchers say



Scientists Report Transplant Advance for Type 1 Diabetes
Used in single patient, special chamber may allow implantation of insulin-producing cells without rejection



People With Type 1 Diabetes May Still Have Insulin-Producing Cells
Finding indicates these cells could possibly be replenished, researchers say



EASD: Life Expectancy Improved for Type 1 Diabetes
Improvement should be reflected in insurance policies



EASD: Having Children May Benefit Mortality in Type 1 DM
Benefit greater for women than men, even for women without diabetes



EASD: Social Deprivation Tied to Mortality in Type 1 Diabetes
Glycemic control also associated with mortality



Bariatric Surgery in T1DM Teens Doesn't Aid Glycemic Control
Although, case studies cite improvements with weight loss, cardiovascular factors



Parenthood May Reduce Diabetes-Related Death Risk, Study Suggests
Benefits more pronounced for women than men, researchers contend



Sensor-Augmented Insulin Pump Cuts Hypoglycemia in T1DM
Augmented pump with automated insulin suspension reduces rate of hypoglycemia events



Insulin Pump Shut-Off Feature Prevents Low Blood Sugar, Study Finds
Device could improve quality of life for people with type 1 diabetes, experts say



Psoriasis Drug May Help Treat Type 1 Diabetes: Report
Alefacept appeared to reduce need for insulin in study



Alefacept May Be Useful in Preserving β-Cell Function
Improves four-hour C-peptide area under curve, lowers insulin use, reduces hypoglycemic events



Hypoglycemia Unawareness Takes Toll on Families
Families of patients with type 1 diabetes and hypoglycemia unawareness need support



Measures of Glucose and its Variability Are Inter-Related
HbA1C, glycated albumin closely correlated, linked with retinopathy, nephropathy; only HbA1c tied to CVD



Glucagon-Induced Satiety Preserved in T1DM, Not Obesity
Effect of glucagon is independent of changes in total- or acyl-ghrelin concentrations



Chronic Fatigue Highly Prevalent in Type 1 Diabetes
Fatigue linked to functional impairments, but only weakly related to glucose parameters



Lasting Benefits With Insulin Pump Therapy for Children
Sustained improvement in glycemic control; drop in severe hypoglycemia, diabetic ketoacidosis



Depression Modifies Type A Behavior, Mortality Link in T1DM
Type A behavior inversely linked to all-cause mortality in those with low BDI scores



Could Dietary Tweaks Ease Type 1 Diabetes?
Foods rich in amino and fatty acids may help preserve insulin production, study suggests



Fatty Acids, Leucine May Preserve β-Cell Function
Baseline fatty acid and leucine intake correlate positively with fasting C-peptide concentrations



People With Diabetes May Face Higher Disability Risk
Analysis finds they are roughly 50 percent more likely to have trouble with walking, daily self-care



Diabetes-Linked Amputations Declining, Study Finds
Although disease rates are rising, orthopedic treatments have improved, experts say



Black Kids With Diabetes Less Likely to Get Eye Exams
Diabetic children at higher risk for retinopathy, which can lead to blindness, studies show



Type 1 Diabetes Hope: Animal-to-Human Cell Transplants
Researchers working with rodents say they're one step closer



Solid Food Timing for Babies Tied to Diabetes Risk
Study found ages 4 to 5 months safest for introducing solids to infants at higher risk for type 1 disease



Early Respiratory Infections Linked to Type 1 Diabetes Risk
Infections in the first year of life linked to increased risk of islet autoantibody conversion



Early Respiratory Infection May Double Type 1 Diabetes Risk: Study
Researchers looked at children who had first-degree relatives with the autoimmune disease



Vaccine May Stop Immune Attack in Type 1 Diabetes, Study Suggests
Early trial found it boosts insulin production, appears safe



Sexual Dysfunction Linked to CVD in Extreme-Duration T1DM
Independent association noted for males with 50 or more years of type 1 diabetes



New Insulin Pump Cuts Odds of Overnight Hypoglycemia
Sensor device may ease patient fear of dangerously low blood sugar levels during sleep, experts say



Emotional Challenges of Type 1 Diabetes in Adults Discussed
Anxiety over hypoglycemia, fear of complications can increase relationship stress



A Deadly Form of Diabetes That Doctors Sometimes Miss
Common signs of type 1 diabetes often resemble symptoms of other illnesses



Blood Test Might Predict Type 1 Diabetes in Children, Study Finds
Evidence of two autoantibodies signaled a 70 percent risk, researchers say



Islet Autoantibodies Predict Type 1 Diabetes Progression
Most at-risk children with multiple autoantibodies will develop type 1 diabetes



Stem Cell Therapy Cures Type 1 Diabetes in Mice
Whether the new approach would work in humans is unknown, experts say



'Nano' Medicine Might Someday Free Diabetics From Daily Needles
In mouse study, animals received enough insulin to function for days at a time



Hormone Shows Potential as Diabetes Treatment in Mice
But it's too soon to think of trying it with humans, researchers say



Teen Type 1 Diabetes Outcomes Up With Internet Interventions
Better outcomes with diabetes management education and behavioral interventions



Vitamin D Not Tied to Subclinical Atherosclerosis in T1DM
Vitamin D metabolite levels not tied to coronary artery calcium; carotid intima-media thickness



Cardiac Autonomic Dysfunction Is Linked to Arterial Stiffness
Association may boost risk for cardiovascular disease in those with type 1 diabetes



Cost of Diabetes Care in U.S. Keeps Climbing
Report says it topped $245 billion in 2012; increase reflects growing number of people with the disease



Mini-Organ Would Mimic Pancreas to Treat Type 1 Diabetes
Bioengineered implant could house transplanted insulin-producing cells, researchers say



Artificial Pancreas Provides Tight Glucose Control in Youth
Findings among kids with diabetes at a residential camp, outside of a controlled medical environment



Artificial Pancreas Worked Overnight on Kids With Type 1 Diabetes
System helped keep blood sugar at safe levels among young campers, study found



Immune Intervention Reduces β-Cell Death in Type 1 Diabetes
Improvement in C-peptide responses seen with teplizumab; associated with decreased β-cell death



Lucky Dogs Get Shot at Diabetes Cure
Study finds gene therapy eliminated mimic of type 1 disease in five beagle pups; implications for humans unclear